Bike Registration

It’s easy, simply click here and fill in the required information: http://www.cannondale.com/registerbike/

Remember: You’ll need your bike model and serial number.

Contacting Cannondale

  • How do I contact Cannondale?
  • The "contact Cannondale" button is at the bottom of every page on the web site. It contains the phone number, email address and mailing address for Cannondale Corporate Headquarters in Bethel CT, Cannondale Europe, Cannondale Australia, and Cannondale Japan.

    You can also visit our International Distributor Contact page to find many of our world-wide partners.

Bike Repair:
Factory Tech Room

What is the Factory Tech Room?

The FTR is Cannondale's Headshok-specific Service Center, located in Bedford Pennsylvania, USA, that provides professional services through Cannondale Dealers for all Headshok suspension forks. Please ask your dealer about the service programs available for your fork model.

Where is it located?


The FTR is located in the Cannondale factory in Bedford, PA, and all forks must be sent to that facility.

Why does the Factory Tech Room exist?

The FTR exists so that our customers & dealers have access to factory-performed service work.

Who runs it? Who does the actual work?

The FTR is run by two dedicated Headshok engineers who have a combined 18+ years of Cannondale experience. This team focuses exclusively on our Headshok suspension forks. It is their sole duty during their 40 hour work week. We try our best to service your fork in the least amount of time needed, however, please understand that like the rest of us, they do, on occasion, take time out for vacations and holidays.

What are the hours of operation?

The FTR is in operation Monday-Friday 7am-3pm

What does the Factory Tech Room actually DO there?

The FTR does routine Headshok service, Headshok upgrades, Custom Tuning, warranty work, and complete overhauls. Custom tuning is best accomplished by collaboration, between you, your Cannondale dealer and Cannondale technical support which can be reached at custserv@cannondale.com.

How do they do it?

We have access to all of the factory assembly procedures and tooling that is necessary for 100% service of Headshok forks.

What do I do when I need service?

Any Authorized Cannondale Dealer can return a Headshok fork to the factory for service.

Why can't my LBS do the work for me?

Your LBS CAN do the work for you. But keep in mind that some shops are too busy to perform the work or are just not comfortable doing the work. Why? Well, some shops are involved selling as many as 4 or 5 different suspension systems, and Cannondale forks are highly technical, requiring hours of C-dale specific training. Training takes time, and so does servicing a fork, so let them decide what's the best course of action at any one time for your particular situation.

What's the turn around time?

Typically, a Headshok fork is at the FTR 72 hours. This can vary depending on the volume of work.

What will this cost me? Is it covered?

It varies based on the type of service. Since the FTR does everything from cartridge upgrade to complete overhaul. If the fork is not abused, and has been serviced regularly, all internal repairs would be covered for 1 year. Cannondale offers a LIFE TIME guarantee on the structure itself.

How will I know when it's ready?

Your bike shop will contact you. All service needs to go through your authorized Cannondale dealer.

What if it can't be fixed?

In the event that a Headshok fork cannot be fixed, we offer an Upgrade Program to our customers.

What's my first step to get the ball rolling?

Any Authorized Cannondale Dealer can send in a Headshok fork for repair. All they need to do is contact Dealer Service for an RA#.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

We offer a 1-year warranty against all of the work that is performed in the FTR.

How do I contact the FTR?

Cannondale Dealers can inquire and schedule available services through any one of our Dealer Service reps through emailing at custserv@cannondale.com. Contact your local Cannondale Dealer and be sure your fork is being sent to the Pennsylvania factory in Bedford PA (and not to any other address), and be sure it has an RA#. Again, this should be handled by your local Cannondale Retailer.

What are your time lines?

8 weeks from order entry, 5 weeks from proof/order approval

  • First proof provided 1 week after order entry
  • Customer will have 48 hours to respond with revisions
  • Cannondale will provide revisions within 24 hours
  • Approval due, including revision process, 1 week after first proof
  • Time lines will increase for orders not approved within 1 week from first proof.

All orders require 5 weeks in production from approval. The time line does not begin until all order requirements, listed below, are met and the order is entered into the system.

Finding a Distributor

Please find our list of Global Cannondale Distributors here: http://www.cannondale.com/distributors

How do I locate a Cannondale Dealer?

Find a dealer using our DEALER LOCATOR

Can I repaint my frame?

Please be aware that repainting your bike's frame will void the warranty; the Cannondale Bicycle Owner's Manual, will review the Cannondale Limited Warranty. This manual can be found in the Tech section of our website www.cannondale.com. The manual reviews important information on refinishing.

Cannondale does not offer a refinishing service; your local auto body shop or a professional bike painter as they may be able to further assist you with your request.

Carbon frames cannot be repainted. Refinishing chemicals can attack, weaken, or destroy the important composite chemical bonds of the carbon tubing. Using abrasives or sanding the frame/fork structure, original paint, decals, or coatings through the use of mechanical actions such as plastic or glass bead blasting or other abrasive methods such as scraping or sanding can remove frame material and weaken it.

Can Cannondale repaint my frame for me?

Cannondale does not offer a refinishing service; your local auto body shop or a professional bike painter such as Cyclart may be able to further assist you with your request.

Carbon frames cannot be repainted. Refinishing chemicals can attack, weaken, or destroy the important composite chemical bonds of the carbon tubing. Using abrasives or sanding the frame/fork structure, original paint, decals, or coatings through the use of mechanical actions such as plastic or glass bead blasting or other abrasive methods such as scraping or sanding can remove frame material and weaken it.

Last but not least, it's important to note that repainting your frame will void the warranty; the Cannondale Bicycle Owner's Manual, will review the Cannondale Limited Warranty. This manual can be found in the Tech section of our website www.cannondale.com. The manual reviews important information on refinishing.

Frame Exchange Program

Do I have to have a "good reason" to exchange my frame?

Any reason is a "good reason" to exchange / upgrade your frame.

Does it matter which Cannondale frame I currently have or how old it is?

All Cannondale frames, from any model year are accepted for exchange.

How do I know what's available and how much it costs?

Frame availability and pricing is available through your local Cannondale Retailer and subject to change without notice.

Who pays for putting parts on to my new frame?

Under terms of the Cannondale Limited Warranty, all labor costs for parts change-over are the responsibility of the customer.

What if I need new components for any reason? Who pays for those?

Any and all Component needs due to wear or compatibility issues are the responsibility of the customer.

Who is eligible to take advantage of this program?

Only the frame's original owner is eligible for these programs. Proof of original purchase is required.

Who do I contact to find out more or get started on my upgrade?

Call or visit your local Cannondale Bicycle Retailer.

Frame Material

What is Optimo aluminum and how was it developed?

Optimo aluminum was developed in a partnership with Alcoa and was introduced to the market in 2002 with the CAAD7 road frame. The development process of the specific elements of the alloy took over 18 months, and Cannondale has exclusive use of this alloy in the bicycle industry.

What are the specific properties of Optimo?

Optimo aluminum is a 6000 series alloy that has superior properties to 6061, 6066, and 6069. Compared to 6061, Optimo's proprietary mix contains slightly more silicon and less magnesium, which results in higher ultimate tensile strength and higher elongation. A higher ultimate tensile strength means that Cannondale's engineers can use less material, saving weight while still resulting in a frame that passes Cannondale's industry leading test requirements. The higher elongation makes the welded frame structure less susceptible to fatigue cracks since the material can "stretch" more without initiating the microscopic damage that can grow into cracks.

Why doesn't Cannondale use 7000 series alloys?

With over 20 years of building aluminum bikes (Cannondale has never even made a steel frame) our experience has shown us that 6061 and Optimo alloys are superior to 7000 aluminum at the welded joint. Despite advances in heat treatment, 7000 series alloy still exhibit a large drop in mechanical properties at the welded tube junction, resulting a frame that is either heavier or does not pass Cannondale's stringent ESAL testing.

Older Bikes

Can you tell me about my older Cannondale?

Unfortunately because of the huge volume of inquiries we receive (thousands per year) concerning used or older bikes prevents us in providing an accurate answer to issues, changes you would like to make and also identifying a particular model.

A used bike is not covered under the terms and conditions of our warranty since the warranty is non-transferrable to the second owner.

Your Cannondale Retailer is your best source in obtaining information concerning the bike you currently own or a used/older bike you have interest in purchasing. The Archive section of our website contains PDFs of model years of yesteryear.

Parts replacement

I need a replacement part.

This is something that your local Cannondale Retailer can assist you with.

Your Retailer has access to various parts vendors and can work with you in choosing a crankset option that suits both you and your bike the best.

The Dealer Locator link on our website can help you to find a Cannondale Retailer near you.

I need a part for an old bike trailer

Unfortunately we are not able to help you. The last of our trailers were manufactured in the early 1990's. They are obsolete and we no longer have parts available.


How much do your bikes costs?

Pricing will vary from dealer to dealer depending upon the time of year and location of the shop. Please contact your authorized Cannondale retailer directly for any and all questions regarding retail pricing. Find an authorized Cannondale retailer using our DEALER LOCATOR

Privacy Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?


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What size bike is right for me?

SIZING: Individual fitting of a bicycle is a step-wise process and a series of compromises. Professional guidance DOES simplify the process and we encourage you to be fit properly by a trained bicycle professional. Where you ride and how you ride, your fitness, and flexibility are only some of the variables.

Every body, regardless of weight, is different. Your body type is the only factor that does not change. Your inseam to height ratio, the length of your arms, the size of hands, the size of your torso etc. all factor into determining the correct fit of a bike. As a result, Cannondale highly suggests that you not rely on fit charts, but instead seek professional guidance and recommendations from an experienced bicycle shop.

Buying a Cannondale is an investment in your recreational pleasure. Fitting a Cannondale should be like fitting a wedding gown, or an expensive suit. It should fit the individual as well as either of these other fine items. Telling a rider "you need one inch of stand-over clearance and your SuperSix fits you" does not do the product or the investment justice.

For all bicycle fit questions, please contact your Cannondale dealer.


I'm a racer and I want to be sponsored. What do I do?

  • If you are a bicycle racer interested in sponsorship… Besides our pro bike racers, we also sponsor a number of individual athletes.

    We also occasionally work with Cannondale dealerships to sponsor shop teams. Consider checking with your local dealership to see if they sponsor a cycling team. Aside from the above information, please consider the following when applying for sponsorship...

    Resumes must include:
    • Cover page / letter of introduction.
    • Complete chronological history of race results for the 2006 season and 2007 season, including class raced.
    • A complete list of races you plan to do in the 2008 race year, and your racing goals.
    • Details of what you are expecting from sponsorship.
    • Details of what you contribute to the sport of cycling besides racing. (trail maintenance, lead group rides, bicycle advocacy, etc.)
    • Copies (not originals) of any press you may have received during the season, if available.
    • Races photos (not originals), if available.
    • Bike and clothing sizing information. (bike, short, jersey, glove, helmet, t-shirt, jacket)
    • What bike are you riding now?
    • Are you affiliated with a bike shop?
    • Do you have any current sponsorship for the coming year?
    • Complete contact information, including E-mail address.

      Resumes can be sent to:
      Cannondale Attn Athlete Sponsorship Committee
      16 Trowbridge Rd.
      Bethel, CT. 06801

      *All of the above information in typed format is required for consideration. Please mail hard-copies.

  • If you are a cyclist participating in a charity or fund-raising ride... We do not sponsor individual riders participating in charity rides. Instead, as detailed below, we work with ride organizers at selected events. Working with ride organizers allows us to leverage our involvement in such a way as to motivate ALL ride participants, thus having a more positive impact on the event and the charity it supports.
  • If you are participating in a cycling expedition... As a rule, we no longer sponsor cycling expeditions. We have sponsored numerous expeditions in the past, including trips that have circumnavigated the world and covered the length of the African continent. Without exception, whatever press coverage resulted from these expeditions focused exclusively - as it should - on the expedition's participants and their experiences and adventures. Because little (if any) mention is ever made of the equipment used on expeditions, we have decided that expedition sponsorship is not an effective tool for promoting Cannondale or our products.

I'm an Organizer for a race / fund-raising event. What is your policy?

  • If you are an organizer of a charity fund-raising ride, auction, or other event… Charity, it is said, begins at home. In order to be good corporate citizens within our community, we limit our charitable support to local groups and events. Groups we have worked with in the past, and those we currently sponsor, include the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Habitat For Humanity, Boys' and Girls' Club, Ronald McDonald House and many other worthy causes. The one non-local group we work with is Trips For Kids, who receive our spare and obsolete bicycle parts and equipment. Trips for Kids is a non-profit group that rehabilitates bikes and uses them to take inner city kids on bicycle outings. They do fantastic work.
  • If you are a race organizer...Unfortunately, our race sponsorship budget is very limited and is primarily focused on supporting our professional athletes. We encourage you to reach out to your local dealer for regional event support.

What's your policy regarding advocacy?

If you work with an advocacy or land-access group… All of our support is channeled through one of three organizations that we aggressively support: CT-NEMBA for local trail-access issues, IMBA for national and international trail-access issues, and Bikes Belong! for cycling advocacy issues.


Can you send me stickers?

The sheer volume of requests we receive - literally thousands each year - typically prevents us from sending out free promotional material.

You might, however, consider contacting your Cannondale Retailer.

We offer stickers and other inexpensive promo items to Cannondale Dealers, and perhaps they might have something available for you. They can also order sticker packages for you through their inside sales representative if they don't have any in stock.

Special Orders

Can I special order a bike?

Unfortunately we do not do special orders.

The way the bikes are spec'd in our catalogue, with updates on our website, is the way that they are shipped from our factory; sans the occasional substitution due to component availability.

Your Cannondale Retailer can help you with any component changes.


Who do I contact if I have a warranty question?

Warranty questions are answered in person at your local Cannondale dealer, by the dealer and their Cannondale Account manager.


What is the weight of my bike?

BIKE WEIGHT: Cannondale produces and offers the "best in class" when it comes to bike weight, and stiffness to weight ratio. A bike's weight depends not only on the size of the frame and the specs selected, but the variances inherent within the manufacturing process as well. Calibration of the scale is also a factor in determining specific weight. Although we could give you "average frame weights", we feel this would be misleading.

Because we are obsessed as you are about your bike's weight, we implore you to go visit your local Cannondale Dealer to help you determine the specific weight of any bike you may be considering. We know you'll be impressed.