The most integrated, most advanced and fastest XC race bike ever made.




XC racers and hardtail purists looking to gain time on their rivals in every section of the course.



We pride ourselves in making the most kickass, cutting edge frames in cycling. That’s great and all, but you don’t race a frame, you race a complete bike. It seems like common sense, but we stand alone in the industry with our System Integration approach to bicycle design. It’s a lonely position, perhaps, but instead of spending our time posting cat pictures on the internet, we’re at the drawing board, thinking of new ways to make bikes faster.

Rather than limiting ourselves by designing frames to accept off-the-shelf standards, we develop component technologies and frames as a complete package, each designed specifically to enhance the performance of the other. The resulting harmony between our frames and our Si technologies like Lefty, BB30 and the all-new Ai Drivetrain and SAVE 2 seatpost delivers real benefits to the rider. System Integrated bikes are lighter, stiffer, better handling and simply faster than anything else out there.