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Transferring Skills: Pro Cycling to Ironman Winner

With Cam's sabbatical in full swing, he's been a busy boy riding all his bicycles since wrapping up his road commitments Down Under in February. Now, based in California, it was time for Cam to give the sport of triathlon a go and what better way to start than the Oceanside 70.3 Ironman event last weekend. Even though it would be the first time Cam would attempt such an event we were sure that he would be putting on a bit of a show. And show he did! After just over 4hrs of racing Cam collapsed across the finish line under the Oceanside pier as the first age grouper and captured the 19th fastest time among the professionals.

With Cam’s age group victory he qualified his a spot in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Austria later in the year and in addition earned the right to obtain his professional license and compete in the premier category in his future triathlons. While no decision has been made on whether Cam will indeed turn professional as a triathlete or not at this stage, it's certainly going to be an interesting session for him to make when he's ready.

For now he can be very satisfied with his 4hrs of work in Oceanside as following his U23 world championship victory in the sport of rowing and subsequent Athens Olympic berth, representing the powerhouse Australian road cycling at the 09-11 UCI World Championship. Now Cam will have the chance to compete on the international stage in a 3rd sport within this decade. Cam's certainly an all-rounder and in time we will tell if triathlon becomes the next sport of focus for the talkative tasmanian!!

As usual Cam has pounded away on the key board of his blackberry for hours to write a detailed and honest race report from Oceanside. I highly recommend you clicking the link below and hearing what he has to say.

Read the expanded edition here


Here at Cannondale, we respect our rider's need to train and focus on their work on the bike. We also feel all our riders get to know our customers and understand our product line.

Cam, thanks for being an ideal ambassador for Cannondale and thanks for selling that seatpost.