Meet the All-New Cannondale


The Habit nails the sweet spot between XC speed and All Mountain ability.

Shreddable enough to run with the bigger-travel bikes but raceable enough to put the hurt on the shaved-leg set, the Habit is mainly concerned with delivering the most important MTB performance of all, PURE, SIMPLE, IDIOT-GRIN FUN.

So if you're looking for that one bike to do it all and do it well… you bring the willing, we'll bring the able, with the all-new Habit.

“The Habit is so good when things get hairy, it’s amazing what you can do with 120mm of travel.


"This bike can fly. I’m usually on longer travel rigs when I hit these trails, but this thing is crazy able.
It climbs; it carries speed on the flats and just rips on the descents."


"The Habit takes the SPEED from our race bikes and adds a boost of ENDURO CONFIDENCE. This thing is seriously fun."


Jason Moeschler Wins Downieville Classic

Winning is Habit Forming

The Habit proved itself under the power of Jason Moeschler at the 2015 Downieville Classic, capturing first place.

The classic is a two-day stage race that forces the riders to ride a single bike for both grueling disciplines; a nearly 30 mile cross country race one day, followed by a full-tilt downhill race the next. The rider's bike choice is critical as the terrain is challenging both up and down.

- Congrats goes out to Jason
Great ride!!